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4 Sprays Standard Head Handpiece
Wholesale cordless dental prophy handpiece,Cheap dental hygiene prophy handpieces,dental handpiece components For Sale,dental handpiece spare parts Factory
  • Wholesale cordless dental prophy handpiece,Cheap dental hygiene prophy handpieces,dental handpiece components For Sale,dental handpiece spare parts Factory

4 Sprays Standard Head Handpiece

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Product introduction:


Our 4-NOZZLE standard head dental products ensure more comfort, because they are more efficient and achieve the effect of cleaning mobile phones. The standard nozzle is the most popular choice for dentists. There are many options to meet the needs of patients. The use of these four convenient standard hands can bring the best experience to your patients. It can be easily used, and at the same time the water mist tends to hit where the water mist goes. The 4 ground wires select the appropriate way so that you can freely use each patient's nasal breathing experience. Use this 4-standard head mobile phone that provides you with optimized performance and functions to take care of the motor at high speed, providing them with a wide range of cleaning options. Durable high-quality products and affordability make you more able to complete your work effectively. The four spray are the best tools for daily use in any dental clinic. Four adjustable pulsation settings provide additional control over the grip of the technology. The ergonomic grip design allows you to hold it comfortably at this time without fatigue or ear tube symptoms.


Product design:


using the latest retail technology, the four spray standard head mobile phones are designed to mix dry cold and warm air in four different air settings. The ergonomic palm style is very comfortable to use. Our 4 heads are able to produce your standard head, such as the flow control of the light mirror and the advanced display function of the screen and mobile phone. The professional display screen provides the machine screen display function. The lightweight design of the required screen display function includes the lightweight design, which makes it easy to use in long-term surgery. The standard atomizer is designed to provide superior comfort, patient compliance and convenience. The noise operation design provides the best efficiency and effect. The four open service dental standard head mobile phones have four designs for self selection and use. They can select and use large flow of medical tools, and can easily select the choice of doctors at high places. Having no gas or sound.


Product advantages:


four such multi-functional standard heads are the standard of a mobile phone. Four mobile phones have the function of a controllable mobile phone with one mobile phone and one smart phone, and have the control function of a smart phone. Easy to use, switch between cleaning settings. Proper allocation of one or two is the key to the diagnosis experience. The four simple modes allow the appropriate amount within the range, and multiple modes are required. The four ergonomic structures consistently provide excellent clinical design performance of the standard mobile phone, and can adapt to different solid structures of the hand. The ergonomic shape can be used reliably, while the shape of the human body can be used reliably. The quick release enables you to specify areas at the same time as cleaning the head. The motor is held between one trigger point by the quick protection type between patients to provide additional protection in the metal housing to prevent contamination by the additional protection type provided in the metal housing.



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