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E-Smart II

E-Smart II

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E-Smart II
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The dental wireless endo motor is a revolutionary instrument that is designed to make dental procedures easier and more efficient. This product is perfect for dentists who want to achieve the best results in the shortest time. The endo motor is equipped with pure stainless steel refined 16:1 contra angle head to ensure the stability of your surgery, ultra silent. Advanced brushless motor provide stable torque. Ergonomic design that ensures comfort and accuracy. Wireless feature provide the maximum comfort to the dentist.  6 movement modes suitable to all kinds of root canal, plus the simple interface making it easy to operate and understand.

6 Smart Modes

P1: Forward 360° smart movement, automatic rever- se when reach the preset torque, andback to forward  when torque is removed.

P2: Reciprocating movement, forward 90° and rev- erse 30°.  

P3: Reverse 360° smart movement, automatic for- ward when reach the preset torque, and reverse wh- en torque is removed.

P4: Reciprocating movement, reverse 90° and for- ward 30°.

P5: Forward 360° smart movement, automatic stop  when reach the preset torque.  

P6: Reverse 360° smart movement, automatic stop  when reach the preset torque.

(1) High capacity lithium-ion battery.
(2) Wireless with LED light.
(3) Automatic power off.
(4) 10 Memory modes to storage your personal configuration.

Technical Parameter

Power adapter      
Input 100V~240V 50Hz/60Hz Max 0.4A
Output DC 5V/1A    
Lithium Battery 3.7V/1500mAh    
Torque range 0.5Ncm~4.0Ncm (6mNm~40mNm)    
Speed range 120~1000rpm    
(1) 16:1 Contra Angle Head *1
(2) Endo Motor Machine *1
(3) Battery Charger Base *1
(4) User's Manual *1
(5) Adaptor for Charging *1

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