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Hot melt filling system

Hot melt filling system

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Hot melt filling system
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The Dental Obturation System is a revolutionary device for filling cavities and sealing off root canals. It utilizes advanced technology to precisely and quickly fill the root canal with a thermoplastic material, providing a secure and permanent seal. The system is easy to use and requires minimal training, making it perfect for busy dental clinics. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable and accurate operation. This obturation system is a must-have for any dentist looking to provide the highest level of care for their patients.

Obturation gun
(1) 2-in-1 wireless system makes filling more easier and convenient
(2) Adopt 0.5 megapixel OLED LCD display
(3) Temperature adjustment is more convenient and accurate with digital display
(4) Accurate temperature control with error within 1%
(5) Slim shape and more ergonomic
(6) Rapid heating to 200℃ within 30s, improving the operating efficiency
(7) Digital display for batter power
(8) Working status display
(9) buzzer sound indicator
(10) Large battery capacity for longer operation time, automatic turn-off after 15min
Obturation pen   

(1) Wireless system, easy to operate 
(2) Different types of needle and temperature modes, with vertical condensation technique, ensure that the gutta percha completely filling the whole canal 
(3) Self heating protection, maximum heating time is 10s, more efficient and secure 
(4) Accurate heating control, make sure the filling thoroughly 
(5) Reaching 230℃ only needs 2s 
(6) Optional temperature: 160/180/200/230℃ 

Technical Parameter

Obturation Gun  
Li-ion chargeable Battery 3.7V 2800mAh
Output voltage DC 5V, 2A
Working temperature 150℃, 180 ℃, 200 ℃, 220 ℃
Input voltage 100V-240V
Obturation Pen  
Li-ion chargeable Battery 3.7V 2600mAh
Output voltage DC 5V, 2A
Working temperature 150℃, 180 ℃, 200 ℃, 220 ℃
Input voltage 100V-240V
(1) Obturation gun *1
(2) Obturation pen *1
(3) Heating tip (F/FM/M/ML) *1set
(4) Injection needle *3
(5) Wrench *1
(6) Pushing rod *1
(7) Charging cablel *1
(8) Adaptor for Charging *1
(9) Battery *2
(10) User manual *2

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