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Vertical Pressure

Vertical Pressure

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Vertical Pressure
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1000 piece por Semana

Dental Endo Hand Plugger is perfect for those in the dental profession who need to plug up root canals and other cavities. Its ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable grip, while the stainless steel body ensures a long-lasting and durable product. The plugger features a unique design which allows for precise and accurate plugging. It also has a spring-loaded plunger which ensures the plugger is always ready for use. With its lightweight construction, the Dental Endo Hand Plugger is perfect for those who need a reliable and efficient dental plugger.

(1) It can effectively prevebt overfilling during filling process
(2) It can prevent using large force during filling process when the diameter of the apical stenosis is not determined well.
(3) Innovative concept, unique design, positioning design and adjustable thread scale.
(4) Integral forming, surface polishing, have excellent sterilization effect.
(5) Strong oxidation resistance and durability.

Technical Parameter

Black 40~50#
Blue 60~70#
Gold 90~100#
Steps to use
(1) Select the appropriate size and shape of the dental plugger for the specific tooth or area of the mouth being treated.
(1) Use gentle pressure to apply the dental plugger to the tooth or area of the mouth. The working end of the plugger should be directed towards the gumline or root surface.
(2) Use smooth, controlled movements to compact the filling material into the prepared cavity or defect.
(3) Continue to use the dental plugger until the filling material is fully condensed and the desired contour is achieved.
(4) Periodically assess the filling material with a dental explorer or other tool to ensure that there are no voids or gaps present.
(5) After completing the procedure, clean the dental plugger with an appropriate disinfectant solution and sterilize it using an approved method.

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