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Kavo Type Standard Head Fiber Optic Handpiece

Kavo Type Standard Head Fiber Optic Handpiece

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Product introduction:


KaVo standard optical fiber head mobile phone is used for light irradiation in treatment. The optical nozzle is made of high-strength plastic and can be used quickly and conveniently. The tubes of the tubes are very beautiful and convenient to use. They can be used. It is suitable for light therapy. Used in hospital. KaVo's standard optical fiber head products have many advantages, such as 50% longer service life and flexible replacement of profiles. KaVo's optical fiber head products can be used in business fields such as, welding and glass processing. KaVo standard optical fiber machine is the most advanced and advanced dental product. I


t is applicable to all kinds of common mobile phone operations. No matter it is a mobile phone tool, all parts and accessories can be used together. KVO optical fiber mobile phone is installed on the side, with light weight display and comfortable structure. The standard head is easy to display and can be selected when comfortable. LED display, automatic operation of working modes in different ranges, so that the work task head adopts bearing type, with high precision and good gender. It can be used in various operations. The design and manufacture of the standard head optical fiber Cavo of the mobile phone are of high quality, uncontrolled and durable. The material, more advanced technology and strict technology are adopted to ensure the quality and reliable performance.


Product design:


the KaVo fiber optic head is designed for the multiple functions of all KaVo fiber optic equipment standard machines, including the needle tip replacement within a few days and the whole practice of replacement. The fiber-optic standard dental product is designed with high efficiency, stable medium effect light absorption ability and stable light absorption ability. It is equipped with other processes and progressiveness steel bath. No reduction in strength, excellent performance. The card standard head optical fiber mobile phone adopts a flexible mobile phone design, which can be bent at any angle to help dentists get a better use experience. Our technology will keep the light stable when working. KaVo standard fiber phone is light and easy to use, making your patients feel comfortable. Designed with all its models and operating standard LCD, it is very suitable for dental surgery, including treatment and oral treatment.


Product advantages:


the new design of KaVo's new standard optical fiber head mobile phone and the new automatic KaVo card performance technology can ensure the transmitting head, and is equipped with comfort and maximum convenience. The weight of this lightweight phone exceeds the power of the repair program! Through more control over the lightweight mobile phone, it provides more help, benefits users for a long time, and can better help clinicians achieve greater results in a shorter time. It is the standard half arm for fiber-optic mobile phones. It provides you with your favorite KaVo standard head to convert into fiber-optic style, providing convenient durability. The metal structure and efficient design can be easily cleaned and maintained, which helps it to be used longer and perform better.



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