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NSK Type Standard Head Fiber Optic Handpiece

NSK Type Standard Head Fiber Optic Handpiece

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Product introduction:


NSK optical fiber head is made of stainless steel. Its wear resistance and optical fiber core are generally made of iron. The design of the guide hole treatment will not damage its special scraper. The shaft made of durable tungsten carbide has been polished and treated for many times to facilitate cleaning. NSK standard optical fiber head mobile phone NSK standard optical fiber head mobile phone adopts high-quality optical fiber, and the lens and filter have high performance and excellent anti reflection. Its plug-in has large pipe diameter and polished surface. The product has high precision, operating wavelength range and low maintenance cost. NSK standard optical fiber head mobile phone, composed of various optical fiber heads, is a technology in dental care. Optical fiber has light source to skin, various degrees of high, distribution characteristics of these components and other components.


It can be the most commonly used oral diagnostic method in oral cavity, such as periodontal disease, periodontal disease, etc. NSK standard optical fiber series mobile phone the new ns-f standard mobile phone adopts black and silver security K. With their modern design and fashionable appearance, they provide the most reliable. Our new product is developed from the traditional switching cable design, enabling users to quickly replace mobile phones by simply removing one component and replacing another. NSK adopts various lightweight standard optical fiber heads, with high performance and adjustable scale, which are used for propaganda. With panel glass, the display size is smaller, so it is more stable in terms of works and promotional films.


Product design:


it has a simple design and ergonomic design, and it is easy to provide simple prices for your engineers, Achieve the best use comfort. NSK mention It also has convenient design and comfortable streamlined appearance. It also has convenient lighting design, innovative structure and performance. It provides a good starting point for users. It is the best choice for human beings to work for you. Accessories for size and materials provide you with a perfect solution for any clinical needs with the most economical solution.


Product advantages:


1. as the successor of traditional dental handpieces, fiber-optic handpieces have been widely used in dentistry, such as removing bone cement or smoothing teeth. Compared with traditional dental handpieces, they can provide many advantages for dentists who are treating patients. These advantages include 1 In the process of shading, the pores increase and the fiber structure is strong.

2. the pore structure has no pores during the treatment, which is conducive to the risk of infection.

3. burrs are generated during the treatment process, causing occupational matte injury 4 Adjust at any time to make the treatment more reasonable. NSK standard optical fiber has good design, development, quality and low price for mobile phones. According to years of design experience, the production of NSK standard products conforms to the characteristics of conical structure, which greatly reduces the structure of teeth and has strong corrosion resistance. K standard dental products can be widely used in NS modern rotary and reciprocating operation instruments.



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