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4 Sprays Big Torque Head Handpiece
ODM midwest electric handpiece,OEM m4 reciprocating handpiece,midwest dental hygiene handpiece Factory,midwest traditional handpieces For Sale
  • ODM midwest electric handpiece,OEM m4 reciprocating handpiece,midwest dental hygiene handpiece Factory,midwest traditional handpieces For Sale

4 Sprays Big Torque Head Handpiece

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Product introduction:


The nozzle of this mobile phone has good characteristics, easy to use, easy to use, convenient and comfortable. The technology reduces splashes and splashes and ensures better flow control of the air compressor. High clinical specification nozzle is the most stringent requirement for clinical surgery design. These two kinds of gear interfaces are gear system and regulator. Four spray nozzles with high performance standards can provide stable pressure under all conditions. The flexibility of the four large spray device composed of heads allows an adjustable graduation. The device produces two-quarters of the range, from full open to full coverage. High torque can provide the most powerful torque. This is the most powerful control valve, instrument innovation and the most advanced spray in the market.


Fully control the excellent performance of the film and the splash of the material of the mobile phone from the release of ceramics or the size on the mobile phone screen in the environment such as the cement. 4 ejected large hole display holes. It is very suitable for display mobile phones. It is a high-performance mobile phone with display holes or metal inner lens. The four spray holes can realize super efficient water hole metallization, composite, mirror tube friction and other instruments, such as micro block, endoscope scraper, rubber dam occlusion and various burrs, with high versatility. Spray control mobile phone is a real large-area similar product. It provides the convenience of various high-quality products. It is convenient to use in the middle plate.


Product design:


4. It is convenient for users to use a variety of mobile phones. When it is designed, it can meet the needs of the human body and be used conveniently in a variety of ways. It is the ideal choice for all your high surgery. The power and control of the side is to let the machine head, 4 spray high crown machine head, and you have more teeth when you are working, which is to maintain the strength of the teeth to a large extent. Mobile phones let you work quickly and effectively. Its 4-way nozzle provides a durable innovative nozzle design. The 4 nozzles are made of high-quality cemented carbide, which is durable and provides a good spray without staining or discoloration. A new and revolutionary high-quality simultaneous head provides you with the largest energy equipment. Its value is at least 4/3 of the energy used. Allow the spray mode allowed by the system to ensure accurate delivery of all kinds.


Product advantages:


the quality of this product is very high. It feels good to hold on to it. This product is very good. It has a good soil power and can control the sprinkler on each side of each device. The big eyes of the 4 nozzles need to be quickly controlled by the mobile phone. There is a large rotation at 360 °. The most convenient opening machine and comfortable smiling grip can be realized in a small space in your small space. The four high-quality earphone types are a development mode of high-quality mobile phones and a technical connection mode. The large mobile phone design with excellent, reasonable and unsuitable mobility and comfort is a single comfort. Creating this air conditioner regulator allows the operator to provide only one button or increase the operator, so as to provide more power for the release mode and control the pressure during use.



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