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3.2:1 Surgical Straight Head

3.2:1 Surgical Straight Head

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9999 piece por Mes
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Ceramic Ball Bearing
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Water Spray
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1 Year

Product Description:


1:1 external optical fiber straight head is easy to use, with excellent lighting and ergonomic characteristics. It has easy access to optical fiber applications, and now you can get the perfect fit according to your needs. It is designed to reduce the fatigue of hands / wrists when using the instrument from a long distance. A special cam handle provides you with additional control and accuracy when using the tool. External optical fiber straight head dental products are a good way to save time and money, while improving efficiency and quality. Controlled by professionals in the laboratory, these glass fiber systems are designed to provide up to 1 inch of line of sight lighting at 2 meters. 1: 1 external optical fiber straight head dental products are used to transmit high-power CO2 lasers for various medical procedures and dental applications.


The external straight head dental optical fiber is made of high-quality optical fiber materials, which ensures high transmission efficiency and uniformity, and can improve the crosstalk of optical fiber bundles at both ends. The external optical fiber straight head toothpaste applicator is a convenient, flexible and efficient product. It can accurately apply gum to vulnerable areas without using a brush. The applicator is made of high-quality plastic and is designed into an ergonomic shape for easy use.


Product design:


1:1 external optical fiber straight head. Innovative design and advanced engineering, after several years of development, the product has a unique design concept, unique appearance and performance characteristics greater than other products. It also has a series of leading technologies, such as adjustable water temperature control, to meet personalized needs. The external optical fiber straight rod attachment helps clinicians to work quickly and save time during operation. The image quality is very good. The stick is very durable. It can be used with any bright light source to ensure a comfortable working experience.


1: External optical fiber straight head dental products are designed for dental professionals seeking high-precision, fast and accurate work solutions. Our external optical fiber straight head is an ideal choice for three-dimensional intraoral imaging. Its applications include but are not limited to oral surgery, root canal therapy, orthodontics, pediatrics and prosthetics. 1: 1 provides a wide range of motion and unparalleled high visibility in its field of view. Optical fiber technology provides the most unique and ergonomic design for dental products on the market. This product is an innovative solution for end users, and also provides a faster and higher treatment quality.


Product advantages:


the outer diameter straight head is widely used in Clinical Stomatology because there are many models used for direct lighting or indirect lighting. The umbilical cord is designed to twist in the middle and can be easily connected to the dental chair. After installation, the light guide plate assembly can be directly inserted into the gel curing light equipment. In addition, the curved light guide plate has a small bending radius, which makes it easier for users to use dental equipment during treatment or calibration. The external straight head dental adapter allows you to connect a 2.0 mm fiberscope or any other straight end flexible light source to a rigid external adapter.


The external adapter can then be connected to any number of headsets, brackets, or special accessories that support a 1:1 lighting method. The external optical fiber straight head dental power unit integrates a single optical fiber to guide the positioning of non perfusion grinding burr. The straight head design makes it easy to use and has superior visibility. The wheel lock button can fix the wheel during grinding, so that you can easily release it.




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