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1:1 Fiber Optic Inner Channel Straight Head
Wholesale low speed straight handpiece,China slow speed straight handpiece,straight handpiece micromotor Manufacturer
  • Wholesale low speed straight handpiece,China slow speed straight handpiece,straight handpiece micromotor Manufacturer

1:1 Fiber Optic Inner Channel Straight Head

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Código de producto:
Lugar de origen:
Air freight
Capacidad de suministro:
100 piece por Mes
Gear Ratio
Ceramic Ball Bearing
Light Source
Fiber Optic
Max Speed
Water Spray
Single Spray
1 Year
Slow speed dental handpieces are used for removal of soft decay, finishing cavity preparation, polishing, trimming and prophy work. Referred to as "slow speeds", they operate with an inbuilt motor at a typical speed of up to 40,000 rpm. They're used with attachments that perform different functions.
One of them is Straight attachments connect to the motor base and are used for extraoral (out of the mouth) procedures such as trimming dentures.
Gear and other spare parts are with the high quality precise CNC production can ensure the long service life of our instruments, without any uncomfortable noise to your patient.
High quality ceramic bearing ensure the stability of our rotor, even under the extreme high speed and large load.
Internal single spray, excellent cooling effect
Precise internal cooling system, ensure the cooling performance.
Durable scratch resistant coat
Titanium coat creates a smooth , scratch resistant surface which is comfortable to hold.
Comfortable low noise performance
Precise gear production result in excellent compatibility, minimize the chance of noise and heat.
Followings are our standard package for our dental handpiece, simple design and is able to well protect the product from being damaged during the transportation.
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FOSHAN AKOS MEDICAL INSTRUMENT CO.,LTD is a professional dental handpiece manufacturer.
Most of the important spare parts are designed and produced by ourselves, we have all kinds of professional CNC machines, thus, we can better control our turbine quality, especially for the high end contra angle, there are over hundred of spare parts inside, each spare parts has different process and treatment, together to assemble a high quality product, require the factory to have a rich experience knowhow to every spare part.
We have an experienced R&D team as well, which can provide good OEM, ODM services, as well as professional technical support.
All of our dental handpieces and turbines are CE & ISO certified, so it will be easy for our customer to registrate and import our handpieces easily, also the quality can be guaranteed.
Currently our framework is still based on MDD, from 2022 we will generally switch to MDR framework.
Product Description:
1:1 straight head dental instrument is a dental system used to make crowns and bridges. It is easy to use, has a durable soft grip, and has different sizes for different operations. The instrument is made of high-quality stainless steel with durability and rust resistance. It is ideal for dental clinic or home use. 1: Straight head represents a new era of dental products. The straight head is made of light weight and high precision steel, which will ensure that you can use it for a long time. The perfect angle, easy to replace tip and excellent coordination make it our best-selling product. Take your patients seriously and create an unforgettable experience for them when they go to the dentist! Straight head is a high-quality dental tool designed for the complete comfort of all dental operations. This straight head dental instrument adopts a 1:1 system design, which can obtain greater pressure when washing teeth.

The handle is contoured to provide a comfortable grip and ensure safety. The 1:1 straight head developed for dental professionals is made of medical grade stainless steel with a rubber grip. It provides good visibility and ease of use. The straight head has six position adjustment, smooth and easy sliding, lightweight structure and ergonomic design, providing amazing ease of use and extraordinary accuracy. 1: The straight head features complete head and body rotation, as well as three degrees of freedom and up to 24000 rpm. For any dental professional who wants to perform surgery quickly, effectively and efficiently, this is the perfect all in one tool - shorter than ever before.

Product design:
it has a unique design and is the best choice for orthodontics. The ceramic cylinder is smaller than other models, so it is easier to move and contact in the whole mouth for more effective treatment. The lightweight material makes this splint comfortable to wear at all times. This headworn splint has the advantages of straight mouth splint, and increases the convenience of portability and comfort. 1: The straight head has a proprietary design and function, which can meet the various needs of dental professionals. It is designed with an easy-to-use mechanism for maximum comfort and up to 200% speed boost.

With the increase of torque and performance, the continuous flow impactor provides a faster treatment option, enabling dentists to provide more effective care. 1: Straight head is a reliable tool, which can be used in various dental operations. It is designed to give you maximum control and accuracy when performing these dental procedures. The straight head design allows for better access and less risk of damage to adjacent structures, especially when orthodontic movement is required. The design of straight head dental products is the most advanced and dynamic product series in the market today. With our innovative design, our products can guarantee maximum control, comfort and durability. It will help you achieve your best results with unmatched accuracy.

Product advantages:
straight head is the perfect choice to support various dental operations. The straight head has an inclined tip to form a fine working angle and produce higher torque in operation. The straight head design makes it easy to move along the dental floss, making it particularly suitable for placement of implants and prostheses.
Q: How can I order from you ?
A: We will make quotation according to your purchase plan (including product name, model and quantity). If you agree with the quotation, please send us your company name, address and telephone for delivery. We will make proforma invoice and inform you the payment information, delivery details will also be informed accordingly.
Q: How long is your delivery time?
A: Generally it will be 5-10 days if the goods are in stock, or 15-20 days if the goods are out of stock, delivery time is about 1 week, it is according to quantity.
Q: Can you bear the freight?
A: The price we quote is based on EXW term, not including other cost, like shipping cost and importation costs, so customer should bear these extra cost. Or customer can arrange the shipment with your agent and pick up from our factory directly.
Q: What is your sample policy?
A: Handpiece is high value product, so free sample is not acceptable, but we can discuss further regarding the mutual benefit upon the first cooperation.
Q: What is your warranty policy?
A: For our distributor, usually we will send some spare parts and tools along with the order for future after sales service purpose.
For the doctor who order from our website, can look for our nearest distributor for technical support, but because our price does not including any warranty cost, so need to bear the cost for the after sales service from our distributor.
For thoes quality issue, please feel free to contact with us for solution.
Q: What is your terms of payment?
A: If the order quantity is small, can transfer the full payment for the fast delivery. And when the total amount is large, we can also accept partial deposit for production and remaining balance before shipping.

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