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External Spray Surgical Angled Straight Head

External Spray Surgical Angled Straight Head

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9999 piece por Mes
Gear Ratio
Ceramic Ball Bearing
Light Source
Max Speed
Water Spray
Single Spray
1 Year

Product Description:


Fast and easy to install straight head, 1:1 optical fiber. With a sharp needle tip, it can be injected into the cavity more accurately. The needle tip does not need to be replaced. When the laser beam hits the dental pulp, the temperature of dental pulp will rise rapidly due to the heat conduction between dental pulp and surrounding media; When the temperature reaches a certain degree (super hot spot), the cell structure will rupture, leading to necrosis. Optical fiber straight head dental products are designed to produce maximum light output and excellent surface treatment on teeth. The single fiber design is easy to clean, making it ideal for dental applications. Professional solutions for your dental clinic. 1: The optical fiber straight head dentist recommends that you can use it to examine, X-ray or polish your teeth safely and comfortably. The utility model is characterized by an ergonomic body design and a molded handle design, and the handle can be conveniently used in the long-term treatment process. Fiber optic dental lamps provide more visibility for dentists and medical professionals. The extra light makes the patient feel comfortable and ergonomically designed to prevent neck strain and fatigue. It is very suitable for holding in the hand or connecting to any standard dental sputum suction device.


Product design:


optical fiber straight head dental products are an important supplement to your home beauty / dental care. These products are designed to effectively pass light into small cracks, grooves and crevices in the mouth. This gives you a good view of any irregular effects on the surface of the teeth, gums and roots. Most importantly, by allowing the high-speed plastic head to move normally during operation, the fiber head does not prevent backflow. Fiber optic head is an innovative dental product, which is inspired by the latest scientific development of dentistry. Straight head design can achieve excellent lighting and visibility, and clear lighting helps dental experts clearly identify the color and outline of teeth. As a perfect combination of function and design, the design of optical fiber straight head is to achieve the ultimate comfort. Its flexible holding head enables you to accurately control the placement position and reduce the pressure on the teeth, while the bright white light and high brightness can effectively remove the dental plaque.


Product advantages:


1:1 optical fiber straight head dental products are the most advanced products in this field. It provides you with excellent dental performance and ensures that you have an optimized treatment plan. Enjoy simple, easy and comfortable oral care. Optical fiber straight head dental products are made of high-quality materials and good processes. Because of their smooth and pleasant surface, they ensure the wearing comfort and safety during use. Our 1:1 fiber optic straight head provides the benefits of using manual equipment, along with the additional benefits of digital measurement. This unique design allows clinicians to check their accuracy as they walk, stopping when they are ready to add graft material. With this product, you can take advantage of all the benefits of the manual migration system to place and use migration materials more accurately and effectively. Use 1:1 optical fiber straight head dental products to get all the light you need. The straight head makes it ideal for any operation, from mirrors to fillings, crowns and operating rooms. Its lightweight aluminum housing and rugged construction provide optimum strength and durability. 1: Fiber optic straight head dental products can be used in a range of dental instruments, from high-speed handlebars to mini drills and tool handles. It has a versatile, reliable and rugged optical fiber system for transmitting light along the entire length of the shaft. We offer a variety of products with diameters up to 1cm and lengths up to 150cm. The lamp cap is designed as a dust-free room equipment, all surfaces are smooth, and there is no "manual cleaning" area.



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